Quality Dance Education in a Happy Environment
Quality Dance Education in a Happy Environment
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Beginner classes are for dancers with little to
no dancing experience. Tap, Jazz, and Ballet are learned in beginner classes. They perform three dances at the recital. Social instruction and turn taking are taught in this level as well as beginning tap and ballet technique that is added onto in more advanced levels. Jazz technique is started by the implementation of beginning jumps, turns, and basic movement coordination.


Intermediate and Advanced Beginner levels are a continuation of the basics learned in Beginner classes. With the addition of Lyrical and Poms, these classes also do Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. These class levels do four dances at the recital. Poms is a fun way to learn a different kind of jazz dance movement that helps with cheerleading and dance team practices later on. Technique is continually enhanced by workshops available to dancers in these classes. Multiple turns and more difficult jumps are learned in Jazz class. Tap technique is improved through various rhythm exercises as well as learning the different ‘time steps.'


These two levels are for experienced dancers. They both do Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and Poms; performing four dances at the recital. These classes are high powered and move fast. Workshops help these dancers advance in their skills, but they also practice outside of class. Multiple new turns and jumps are learned in these levels as well as increased ballet technique. Tap skills are challenged and improved by faster routines, more rhythmic steps, and intricate patterns. These classes are great!

Dancers in the Intermediate, Advanced, and Upper Advanced classes have the opportunity to audition for small groups, private lessons,and advanced classes. These dancers show increased skill and motivation. Through these classes, they explore their dance discipline further, possibly compete,and also perform what they learn at the annual recital.

Younger dancers wishing to strengthen their technique have the option of taking a Pre-pointe class will develop the muscles and vocabulary skills need to advance on to advanced classes including Pointe.